Contemplating the Fine Line of a Razor’s Edge

linocut, image size 9″ x 12″, paper size 11″ x 15″

edition of 11, 2012


A Painting of A Painting Which is A Self Portrait, During a Triple Veneration Rite, with a Floating Pink Dragon Scale

acrylic and aluminum foil on canvas, 30″x 24″, 2012

Day Dream of Smokey, Sexy, Silly, Slouchy Hat, Sunday Morning Surprise, with Champaigne, Medicine Ball, Sunday Crossword, and Antique Ashtray

acrylic, spray paint and aluminum foil on canvas, 40 x 46 inches, 2012

Painting of a Mirror, For a 35 Year Old, To Gaze Into & To Learn To Stop Desiring and/or Needing Answers

acrylic, spray paint and aluminum foil on canvas, 46 x 38 inches, 2011

This is A Painting of A Painting, That From Here On Out I Will Pretend My Friend, The Painter John Wesley, Made Specifically For Me On the Occassion of My 35th Birthday. Thanks John!

Acrylic and spray paint on cardboard, 48″ x  70″, 2011

Blurry Muddled Still Life for POTUS, With Basketball, Health Care Legislation, Two Poorly Painted Plums, A Flower from a Pacifist, Pictures of Both a Dead OBL and a Birth Certificate, A Nobel Peace Prize, Puppet Strings, and the Shadow of a Circling Predator Drone; “I’m not stupid motherf**ker!”

acrylic, spray paint and aluminum foil on cardboard, 30″ x 40″, 2011

Painting of a Painting of An Oddly Scaled Painting of Myself, At a Highly Advanced Age, Blind (Like Many of the Greats), Still Working in Studio, Near Death Satisfied With Life

acrylic on cardboard, 38″ x 30″, 2011